CCHS News Room

25 September 2015

Students Witness History as Pope Addresses Congress

To participate in the historical Papal visit to the United States, Central Catholic students witnessed the Pope’s address to Congress via live streaming. We invited all media outlets to join us to get reaction from our students and faculty about the Pope’s remarks. Additionally, Our Campus Minister, Christine Kuhns and our Principal, Rebecca Sancomb traveled to see the Pope’s address live in person.

“Pope Francis’ appearance in the United States is an extraordinary opportunity for the people of this country to have a better understanding of the Pope’s thoughts and ideas. It also allows the American people to reflect and contemplate through his Holiness. Being able to view Pope Francis’ address to Congress during school is an excellent way to teach us how the Pope views certain aspects of the Catholic Church.”

– Teresa Pockl, CCHS class of 2016

I think that it is wonderful that the Pope is coming to the United States. It is a rare honor to have the Holy Father come and visit America. I am especially excited to watch the Holy Father address Congress and listen to what he has to say to our nations politicians.

– Caleb Estep, CCHS class of 2016

“I’m so excited, yet humbled, that I was given this opportunity to witness history being made as our Holy Father, Pope Francis, addresses the Congress and the American people.  This is a time in our nation when being a young person rooted in a life in Christ is difficult; when many have to fight for what is True, Holy, and Just.  I look forward to bringing back messages of Hope and Love that revitalize and energize the community of Central Catholic High School, restoring genuine faith in God’s plan for the future.”

—Christine Kuhns, Campus Minister

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