CCHS News Room

03 February 2016

Central Catholic High School Unveils Alumni Association

Dear Fellow Alumni:
There are about 8,500 of us in this world bound together through a common thread. That common thread is a Central Catholic High School education, along with the religious and moral mentoring that accompanied that education.

Currently we are blessed with at least nine decades of graduates having some involvement with Central Catholic High School. Having just celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Catholic education in Wheeling, West Virginia, very soon we will be into the tenth decade of alumni. Although we represent diverse generations and eras, we all have shared in the Central Catholic High School experience. 

The by-product of these nine decades of graduates is a strong and vigorous legacy. The time is now upon us to transform that extensive legacy into a viable Alumni Association. A CCHS & SJA AlumniAssociation can be the foundation from which we can together help boost Central Catholic High School toward continued success.

Over the past few years, Bishop Michael Bransfield has been unbelievably generous to Central Catholic High School, especially in the area of renewing the physical plant. However, now we must endeavor to help our own.  

It is our humble intention to make use of our greatest asset, our graduates, to “Bolster our Future” through an Alumni Association that will support Central Catholic High School and engage with the students, faculty, and families. 

Below there is a link to join our alumni association.  Please consider supporting this opportunity. The Alumni Association will provide a vehicle for us to give back to CCHS through mentoring programs, community involvement, and financial support. Get involved and re-connect with your alma mater through alumni affiliated newsletters, volunteering opportunities, and new alumni events. The CCHS & SJA Alumni Association is free to join. Membership includes quarterly newsletters, a Central Catholic High School annual report, and invitations to all alumni events. There are plans underway for even more benefits and opportunities for our members. Please join today!

Thank you.

Gerald G. Jacovetty, Jr.
Class of 1976