CCHS News Room

03 February 2016

Two members of the class of ’89 come home to join the faculty of CCHS

Rob Magruder joined the faculty this year as the Dean of Student Life. Rob, a graduate of CCHS ’89, returns to his alma mater to reach his dream of working in Catholic schools and in education. After working in sales for 20 years, the timing was right and the opportunity was presented to come home to Central. The career change required Rob to go back to college to earn his teaching certificate. Rob is currently enrolled at Wheeling Jesuit and plans to graduate next year. Balancing work, school, and family keeps Rob busy, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “It is an honor to return to Central and make a difference in the students lives. As a student at CCHS, I was given a gift with my Central education, and I want to make sure our students have that same opportunity.”




















Allen (Chip) Jones joined CCHS this year as a religion teacher. Chip is also a graduate from the class of ’89. Chip worked for several years in construction, sales, and government work. He always felt a calling toward the teaching profession that began with encouragement from Mr. Lou Volpe. Chip is currently working on his Masters in Philosophy from Franciscan University. When asked about his return to his alma mater Chip stated, “It smells the same. All kidding aside, I am glad to be back at CCHS making a difference in the lives of students who are sitting in the same seats I once sat in.” He also wanted all his former classmates to know, “I am happy to report that all the worry that I may loose my hair someday has been for not.”


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