CCHS News Room

09 June 2017

CCHS English Department Summer Reading

Dear Parents and Students,
The CCHS English Department encourages all students to continue development of their reading skills over the summer by taking time once a day to read an editorial in a newspaper, a challenging article in a magazine or on a webpage, or even a chapter from a novel of their choice. The benefits of reading for an extended period of time are too important not to do so. Students who read daily are more apt to perform better in school as well as on ACT, SAT, and AP assessments. This is particularly important for those students preparing to apply to college.
The CCHS English Department wants the school families and their children to have personal choice regarding what to read over the summer. It is the vision of the CCHS English Department that students become self-motivated, independent readers, choosing books and reading materials that not only interests them but is challenging to them as students. Having said that, we are not providing an “assigned book” to read over the summer, but we do hope that all of us, including students, parents, grandparents, and even teachers take personal time to read over the summer. I know that I have a book I am ready to open on the first day of summer break. As teachers we plan to share a book that we read with our new classes next school year and are hopeful that each student will share his or her summer reading experiences on that first day of school.
Are you looking for something to read? I have included web addresses with hyperlinks at the bottom of this letter. After exploring these, take a trip to the public library where you may borrow the books FOR FREE or go to a local bookstore where you will surely find something that interests you. If you are still stuck, email one of our English teachers for suggestions.
Have a great summer! Do not forget to take time to read!
A.J. Bucon
English Department Chairperson
Betsy Knorr, Kristy Riedel
English Department Members