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12 June 2017

AP US History Summer Reading and Assignments 2017-2018

AP US History Summer Reading and Assignments,  2017-2018

Instructor – Mrs. J. Campbell


One component of summer work for AP US History is that you read a book of your choosing from a provided list and complete a follow up assignment.   Only one student may choose each book. If you have not yet chosen a book, please email the instructor at for a list of what is available.  It is recommended that you begin reading by early July at the latest to avoid last minute work before school starts.


More details regarding the required reading assignment and the work related to your textbook are on the following page of this document.


Due Date Assignment

By July 1 Begin work in the textbook American History:  Connecting with the Past

  • Must be rented through CCHS to be able to access the publisher’s online sites which will be used daily.  Fee is $50.00, and can be added to your tuition bill in the Fall.
  • The publisher’s site includes a complete electronic textbook, plus access to assessment and support features. If you wish to purchase your own hardcopy print textbook, you may do so, but are NOT REQUIRED.  The ISBN #978-0-02-136299-8.


Regularly check school email for info about logging in to the publisher’s site to access the online textbook and related services, and for the access code to your class’s Classroom page.  You will receive this as soon as the publisher activates the codes for the 2017-2018 school year.


August 23 Textbook American History:  Connecting with the Past, Chapters 1 & 2

  • Create notes as you read the chapters following any format you choose – outline, summarizing, bullet points, etc.
  • You will submit through Classroom.


August 23 Reading journal of your personal reflections while reading your selected

summer reading book

  • You will submit through Classroom

*see detailed explanation on next paage  


August 23 Overview and analysis of your selected book

  • You will submit through Classroom

*see detailed explanation on next page


April 3  – 6, 2018 Present lesson to the class

*see detailed explanation on next page

  1. 1. READING JOURNAL – As you read your selected book, keep a reading journal in which you log your thoughts, reflections, questions, significant passages from the book, etc.  This is NOT a book report in which you retell the story.  You should have journal entries at least at the end of every one or two chapters.  This is due by the first day of school and must be submitted through Classroom.  


  1. BRIEF OVERVIEW AND ANALYSIS –  Write a brief explanation and analysis of your book.  This is NOT merely a book report in which you retell the story, but an analysis of what historical information you learned, the significance of your book, how the book/story fits into the time when it took place, what the book tells you about people/life in that time, etc.  Your overview and analysis is to be no less than two and no more than three typed pages, double spaced.  This is due by the first day of school and must be submitted through Classroom.  


  1. PRESENTATION – Prepare and present to the class a short (10 minute max.) lesson about your book, focusing on historical information, significance, etc.  Again, this is NOT merely a book report, but an analysis of what can be learned from the book, why it gives a window into its time period, etc.  You will present your lesson in the first week of our review, which is tentatively scheduled to start April 3rd when we return from Spring Break.  A lesson plan format will be provided when we return to school in August.  (There are certain parts of the lesson plan that will not make sense until we have covered new information at the start of the year.)  


To recap, over the summer you must:   1. read and make notes for chapters 1 & 2 in your APUSH textbook; 2. read your selected book; 3. keep a reading journal for your chosen book; 4. write an overview/ brief analysis of your chosen book.  This gets the first two chapters of your textbook and much of the work related to your selected book out of the way when you have more free time before school starts..  

Since your related presentation assignment connected to your selected book  is not due until April, it is imperative that you keep detailed notes in your reading journal and craft a detailed, yet concise, overview and analysis.  The grades for your reading journal and overview/analysis will be in first quarter, and the grade for the presentation will be included in 4th quarter.

Please feel free to email the instructor directly with any questions or concerns at .