The English Department of Central Catholic High School, following a solid tradition of Christian teaching from Catholic elementary schools, endeavors to instruct each student in reading, writing, and speaking with the goal that continuing improvement in these areas will enhance a person’s social relations and responsibilities; an individual’s Christian attitude, communication, and behavior; and a learner’s confidence in knowledge of and faith in himself, God, and God’s plan for mankind.

Four credits of English study are required for graduation.



ENGLISH I Introduction to Literary Genres

This course is designed to develop and to intensify important communication and critical thinking skills. Students expand vocabulary, improve spelling skills, and broaden knowledge of basic grammar and syntax. Students develop reading skills through modern and classical literature. Writing skills are enhanced through descriptive, personal, and critical essays and letter writing. The honors level of this course is vertically aligned with the senior course AP English: Language and Composition.

ENGLISH II American Literature

This course is designed to refine the communication skills acquired in English I. The focus of this course is critical thinking – the ability to analyze, and appreciate American literature. Students continue to expand vocabulary and spelling skills as well as syntax and grammar, applying what is learned to composition and reading assignments. The honors level of this course is vertically aligned with the senior course AP English: Language and Composition.

ENGLISH III British Literature

This course is designed to reaffirm students’ ability to read, comprehend, analyze, and enjoy literature while increasing their confidence in vocabulary utilization, writing skills, and speaking talents. Students develop abstract thinking skills and further enhance composition abilities through the study of British literature. The honors level of this course is vertically aligned with the senior course AP English: Language and Composition.

ENGLISH IV Advanced Composition

In this course, students critically study and discuss the selections of rhetoric. Students write personal, argumentative, synthesis and rhetorical analysis essays. Students are required to use their knowledge of the English language in both a structural and creative way. The successful completion of a research term paper is a requirement for credit in this class.

AP ENGLISH Language and Composition

The purpose of AP English Language and Composition is “to enable students to write effectively and confidently in their college courses across the curriculum and in their professional and personal lives [The College Board, AP English Course Description, Fall 2010]. Students taking this course will master writing rhetorical analysis essays, argumentative essays, and synthesis essays. Students will also examine a wide range of rhetorical text and visual text. Students taking this course are required to take the AP exam at the end of the year and are also expected to complete a research term paper.


The special topics course is designed to introduce upper-level classmen to new topics in the area of English. The semester course will feature a rotating curriculum based on different themes. Science fiction/fantasy literature, women’s literature, young adult literature, and mythology are just a few examples. Topics for this course will be announced during registration for the upcoming year.


This course is offered as an elective to upper level classmen who enrolled in honors level English or social studies with the idea that this will prepare them for the rigor and expectations of both AP English and AP US History. Various types of rhetoric will be explored as students examine ways in which to effectively communicate ideas or philosophy to a wide range of audience.


This course emphasizes all elements of oral communication, personal presentation, and interpersonal communication. Special emphasis is placed on articulation, pronunciation, and diction. Students speak extemporaneously on a variety of topics throughout the semester and are required to deliver at least four formal speeches.


This course offers students an additional opportunity to improve their communication skills of reading, vocabulary, and listening while focusing primarily on fundamental grammar skills, sentence construction, and essay writing.


This course is designed to give students the skills necessary to become better students. Topics include: homework guidelines, listening skills, note taking methods, visuals, mnemonic devices, dictionary and library skills, test preparation, and test taking skills.