Health & Physical Education

The mission of the Health & Physical Education Department is to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to allow them to achieve their God-given potential – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.  Our goal is for students to grow into mature, Christian adults who will make wise decisions that reflect their Catholic faith.

One year credit is required in both Health and Physical Education


Athletic Director/Health Teacher



This course provides a basic introduction to the three major areas of health education: social, mental and physical. Based on the information provided, students are encouraged to make healthy choices about their life styles. Topics include: self-esteem, stress management, personality, diet and nutrition, levels of fitness, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse and AIDS awareness. Students are introduced to CPR and basic First Aid techniques. This course is generally taken sophomore and junior years unless special arrangements are made.


In the physical education classes, students’ individual levels of physical fitness are assessed by the President’s Physical Fitness testing program. Students participate in a variety of activities designed to acquaint them with sports and hobbies which can be pursued throughout their lives. The importance of being active and doing something that they enjoy is stressed. Activities include: basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, flag football, wiffleball, kickball, Wii games and walking. Students are also encouraged to create their own games.