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Shadow Visits


The Shadow Program is designed for perspective students to experience a day as a CCHS student while deciding which high school best meets their needs. The Admissions Office will “pair” perspective students with current CCHS students for a day. The goal is to pair students with similar academic and extracurricular interests in an attempt to allow the “Shadow” to experience a schedule and activities that may resemble their future CCHS schedule. The program is designed to help a student decide if they want to be KNIGHTED.

We welcome all interested 8th graders to Shadow a current CCHS student for a day. Simply call the Admissions Office a minimum of 3 days prior to schedule your Day as a Knight. We ask that students arrive and depart in a timely manner. Our school day is from 7:30 a.m. -2:20p.m. All Shadows must be an official APPLICANT to spend a day at CCHS. CCHS must have a completed application on fileTo apply online click here.

For your scheduling convenience, please note that CCHS will not schedule a Shadow on:

March 21-29
After April 29

John Yelenic, Director of Admissions

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic High School