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Central Catholic High School Team Members 

Rebecca Sancomb, Principal
Dawn Davidson, Hot Lunch Manager
Mary Ann Glusich, School Nurse
Donna Niggemyer
Rob Magruder

Setting Nutrition Education Goals 
Encourage teachers to address nutrition for cross-curriculum learning
Show videos promoting healthy food choices and how these choices impact overall health, academic achievement and athletic performance.
Encourage students to make wise nutritional food.
Utilize community resources for speakers to come and address classes on nutritional health

Setting Physical Activity Goals 

Encourage students to participate in daily physical activity
Encourage students to participate in one or more of the team sports offered at the interscholastic level of competition at CCHS: football, basketball, soccer, golf, volleyball, softball, baseball, track, cross country, tennis, swimming & cheerleading
Students participate in physical education classes in the 10th and 11th grades or students may participate in varsity sports for two years.
Encourage students to participate in summer league competition
Encourage students to attend summer sports
Encourage teachers and staff to use the gym and fitness room for exercise
Establishing Nutritional Standards for All
Foods and Beverages Available on School/Facility Campus
Soda and Energy drinks are not permitted
Water and juice will be available in vending
Food safety practices will meet state requirements
Allow students to access water on each floor of the school as well as in the cafeteria
Food service offered at Central Catholic High School will meet dietary guidelines and nutritional standards established by the USDA
Parents will be educated on the value of healthier lunch choices through the Parent Newsletter
Setting goals for other School-Based Activities Designed to Promote Student
A new cafetorium will promote and improve the food service program at CCHS
Dining will be a clean, safe, and enjoyable meal environment for students and staff
CCHS will encourage students to participate in school meals by posting weekly menus
CCHS will ensure adequate time for students to enjoy eating with their classmates
CCHS will encourage all students to participate in school meals by providing necessary information for free and reduced-price meals to qualifying school families

Setting Goals for Measurement and to evaluate this policy on a yearly basis 
To keep records of the number of students who eat school lunch

Rebecca Sancomb, Principal
Central Catholic High School
Wheeling, WV 26003
75 – 14th Street

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic High School