With the significant impact of change within Wheeling Central provided by the TEAL Initiative, students will want to share their new skills and knowledge with the world outside of the school. A way to accomplish this is through a robust video production and broadcasting program. During the past academic school year, Wheeling Central utilized the program, Play On Sports, to live stream 62 school events which included athletic events, awards ceremonies, and graduation. The events were also archived for video on demand. The response among the student body, families, and alumni has been one of support. To continue to develop this program, a full video production and broadcasting program is needed, especially for the students to create original bodies of work. The program would include broadcast quality cameras with the support peripherals for both field and studio production, software for high definition editing and hardware for multi-camera productions. This resource will not be limited to the video broadcasting/production course. Faculty and student training will be provided for use in all curriculum areas.