TEAL Initiative

Technology Enhanced Active Learning is an instructional format in a rich collaborative learning experience. Not only are students using state–of–the art technology, they are encouraged to interact and collaborate with each other in order to problem solve. Therefore students are learning from each other as well as teaching each other as they solve problems and learn concepts in Math, Science, Religion, Social Studies and Language Arts.

Our task is a simple one: educate our students not for today but for tomorrow; for the next five, ten, twenty years, for the future; and prepare them to not only engage that future but to shape it and improve the future for everyone. With a special TEAL Lab as the keystone of the project, the initiative includes a new physics lab, and in fall 2015, a graphics arts lab, computer sciences and robotics lab, a broadcasting program and a school-wide video distribution system. Well into the early 21st century, it is increasingly clear that just as the advent of the pencil in the 19th century – a variety of electronic technologies have moved beyond an educational curiosity to become mainstays in the larger society and therefore are reflected in the need to be a part of the overall curriculum plans of any school. The reality of business, science and society must be an integral part of the school infrastructure – hardware, network wiring, wireless connectivity, software.