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Daniel O’Leary, 2018

I chose CCHS for the opportunities that are available to me here. From the production equipment, to the  3D printer, to the editing software, there is a wide variety of tools available to me within my intended field of study.

I am glad I attend CCHS because it allows me to receive one of the best educations in the Valley,  while also learning more about my faith life through religion class and weekly mass. This perfect blend of traditional schooling and religious influence allows for CCHS to be a great environment of growth and learning. The first time I did play-by-play commentating for a basketball game, I realized Central was the right choice for me. I was able to get involved in video production as  freshman in one of the best production high schools in America. To have access to this even as a freshman made me realize that I was a part of something special and I continued down this path through my senior year.

I would tell someone considering other schools to go ahead and look at them, but nothing will ever compare. We are a family at Central and this goes beyond the classroom. Teachers go above and beyond to make sure that we learn,  not only our core classes, but also more important things about our faith life and growing as individuals. This blend of school and faith cannot be found at any public school, and it has truly left a lasting impact on me.

Meliyah Gayton, 2020

What would you tell someone who was considering CCHS? You should choose CCHS because you find yourself here, you find out who you really are and what you really want to be in life. Though you only have a short time in high school you really should make the best of it and at Central you can. You can do anything that you set your mind to here and the students, teachers, and our principal will help you accomplish it.

Emily Emmerth, 2018

I am incredibly thankful for the teachers I have been blessed with at CCHS. Every single one of them puts forth their best effort in order to assure that their students receive the best education possible. They are always willing to help you when you need it and will push you to be the  very best student and person possible. They are very understanding and are always ready to help you achieve your goals. I am so thankful to have such wonderful teachers to influence my life in such a positive way. I am very glad I chose to attend Central because I have been given so many opportunities as a Knight. From simply being able to cheer on my classmates in a state championship game, to being given the chance to nurture my passion, or deepening my faith life, Central has provided me with so many memories. I have wonderful teachers and administrators who wish to see me go far in life and will be there for me each step of the way. I am incredibly thankful for all of the lessons CCHS has taught me.

I knew I belonged at Central the second I stepped through the doors on my first day of Freshman year. At once, I found myself surrounded by love and support of the Central Family. By the simple greeting from the upperclassmen, to being able to walk the halls as a Knight, I quickly came to find that the Central Family would support me in both my academic and athletic careers.  I knew as I went home after my first day as a freshman that I was in the right place.

At Central, you will find a family like no other. Every single day you will be surrounded by your faith, a strong academic curriculum and the ability to achieve your  dreams. You will find teachers who really care for you as a person, not just as a student. Your classmates will become your best friends and you will always have a family to turn to in times of need. Central provides an atmosphere like no other- filled with love, understanding, encouragement and faith. This is the perfect combination for success.

Rachel Drnach, 2018

Wheeling Central faculty, staff, and students care about success, in my opinion, more than anywhere else. They all do their best to help us to do our best. Teachers are always staying after school to answer questions because they care more about the knowledge of the material and the well being of the student than just the job.

The rigorous courses offered at CCHS confirmed my choice to attend the school. The opportunity to take Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes prepared me for the next step in my life. These courses allowed me to take the initiative and begin to prepare for the rigor of college courses while remaining in my high school setting.

Attending Central Catholic High School is one of the best decisions for you or your child to make. Central allows students to embrace their passions through the many opportunities they provide. Whether it is a club, sport, service project, music, art, or religious involvement, Central does everything in its power to provide for the need of the students. Central is a family that comes together in this effort. We cheer on teams, participate in mass, or serve our community in school wide service projects. Central Catholic is a choice that will provide you with the opportunity to learn important values in and outside of the classroom.

Paul Denard, 2018

Being a Central Catholic Maroon Knight is a wonderful blessing. It means that you are part of a family, with teachers, students, and alumni showing you love and support. It means that you are part of a school who pushes you to strive for greatness in the classroom and in athletics. It means that you are not only forming your mind and body, but you are forming your faith and becoming closer to God through school mass and religion class. It also offers you dedicated teachers, who always assist their students in achieving success. To be a Knight – it is one of the best things that has happened to me.

I am very thankful for all of the amazing teachers at this school who have a deep interest in all of their students. Every teacher here is willing to do whatever they can to help their students learn and succeed. Most teachers come support their students at athletic events or other extracurricular activities. The lasting personal relationships that develop here between the students and teachers are what I am most thankful for at CCHS.

I am glad that I attend CCHS because of the quality education I have received, and the friendships that I have forged while here. I know that I am prepared academically for the next stage in my life, and I know that I have plenty of friends and teachers from Central who will be there for me when I need them. I know Central’s doors will always be open to me, and my friends from this school will remain close for life. The personal approach to education and investment in student success are what make me glad I chose to attend CCHS.

Derek Dearth, 2018

Being a knight means being part of a special tight-knit family. Associating yourself as a Knight automatically places you among a plethora of notable alumni who are still connected with Central and want to help you succeed. By being a Knight, a certain type of determination to succeed is instilled in you because of the positivity you receive from your friends, classmates, and teachers. In my future endeavors, I will always be proud to call myself a Knight.

Patrick Brown, 2018

I am thankful for all of the great faculty and staff here at Central Catholic . Every member of the staff has shown me nothing less than the utmost love and support throughout my years as a Knight. CCHS pushed me to be the best version of myself and to grow in all aspects of life, especially mentally and spiritually.

I am glad that I attended CCHS because I have gained so many lifelong learning experiences and made so many close bonds that I can’t picture myself any other place. Central has become such large part of my life and has pushed me down a path of success.

CCHS provides students with all the right tools and necessities in order for one to prepare for the next stage of life. The rigorous courses, the care, the faith life, and the high expectations of being a Maroon Knight pushes everyone to be as successful as they can possibly be.

Nathan Blair, 2018

At CCHS, the smaller classroom sizes have many benefits. In your four years here, you form real relationships with all of your teachers and get to know all of your classmates. Nobody falls by the wayside, and everyone has an opportunity to blossom somewhere. At Central, I found my niche and ended up qualifying for the state swimming meet, I starred in several theatrical performances, and excelled academically.

Central boasts rigorous academics. Due to the smaller class sizes, many classes are discussion-oriented, especially in the upper levels. This not only enhances students’ knowledge of subjects, but also fosters critical thinking skills instrumental in everyday life. s a Catholic school, CCHS also molds students into good, moral citizens by promoting community service and religious development. We also have an extremely strong athletic history, and plenty of avenues for every student’s interests. At Central, there’s something for everyone.

Msgr. Paul Hudock

At Central, our young people receive formation that touches mind, body, and soul.   A Catholic High School education allows them to explore the deeper questions of life and to learn the Christian intellectual tradition that will strengthen them to face all of life’s challenges.   Not only can our kids pray at school, they also have the opportunity to develop their identities as sons and daughters of God.


Rev. Bill Matheny

Catholic education gave me purpose. I knew early on that Christ had a special mission for me. The interweaving of excellent classroom instruction and numerous extracurricular and service opportunities with the availability of prayer and sacraments helped me discern that goal. Catholic education instilled in me the belief that I must lead others to heaven. That belief grows stronger daily.

Brent Price, 2018

I’m thankful for all the people who care for me here. There are people behind me, who won’t let me fail here, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have those people in my life. I’d say if you want a family scenery, Central is the best place in the state. Everyone has each other’s backs here, and nothing will step in the way of it. Also, the tradition here is remarkable, and I feel it’s something a student should feel and want to be apart of when in high school. The love and support the teachers and staff have given me is something I’ll never forget, and hopefully one day I will be able to give back to this great school that made me who I am and will be for the future.


Megan Staley, 2020

I am glad to be attending Central because I feel like I am home. There are people here that would do anything for me or for others, and I can easily talk to everyone. The teachers push me to be better and to do things outside of my comfort zone. Central is a really amazing school. When I got here, it really felt like everyone was a family. I can go to anyone for help, and they will do anything they can to get me the help I need. The teachers encourage you to do your best, and push you to become a better person.

Tristen White, 2021

I am glad to attend CCHS because as soon as I walked in on the first day, I felt like I was apart of something special. This school inspires me to be the best person I can be. I feel challenged academically, I feel closer to God, and I feel proud to be a Knight.  

Cedric Williams, 2018

At CCHS, I am thankful for the welcoming people in the community. The entire faculty, staff, and student body are extremely welcoming to all different kinds of people. Being able to expand my faith life is also a great thing here at Central. I am glad I attend CCHS because of all the opportunities the school has provided. Central offers brilliant opportunities like no other school in the Valley for my future, for my athletic career and even my own personal goals. As a kid in elementary school, the plan my parents had for me was to attend CCHS. My dad is a graduate of CCHS as well as my uncles so the CCHS legacy is strong in my family. When deciding on what high school to attend, I shadowed at CCHS and the academic program they offered was far greater than any other school I considered. Central has tremendous success in preparing its students for the next level and that intrigued me.


Zach Zelewicz, 2018

Being a Knight is a really special thing. It lets me be closer to God and have a great relationship with Him. I can learn new things about God everyday at CCHS. Being a Knight allows you to become a leader and a good friend. Everyone is a family at CCHS, because everyone knows one another. CCHS allows me to participate in things I have never done before. There are so many groups to be part of and so many sport teams you can join. I am thankful for the teachers, faculty, and staff, because they put so much effort into making this school a great place to be.

Brek Dimmick, 2018

Being a Knight means the world to me. As a former student at Bishop Donahue High School, I was very nervous to come to CCHS for the first time. All of my nerves faded away when I was embraced with all of the Central spirit. Being a Knight has made me the person I am today in many ways. It has made me a person of integrity, and it has made me very prideful of my great school, CCHS!  I am thankful for the school spirit and the education here at CCHS. I am also very thankful for the religion classes. I say this because a lot of schools in Wheeling don’t offer that, and I can’t thank CCHS enough. I am glad that I attend CCHS because it offers the best education in the Ohio Valley. The students, teachers, and coaches make you feel like family. Overall, the student and teacher body, along with the education, are reasons why I am glad I attend CCHS.

Claire Dieffenbaugher, 2018

I am thankful for the opportunity to express my faith freely and to be guided by my teachers and classmates to strengthen my faith. I am glad to attend CCHS because I have learned what it means to be part of a large school community and to come together in God. Last year, our beloved teacher and coach, Mr. Conlin passed away after a long hard-fought battle with cancer. It was a hard time for everyone in our school community, but we all came together and supported each other as a family. It was in the middle of this tragedy that I realized that CCHS was the right school for me and I was glad my family made the decision to send me to school here. I know that the faculty, students, and friends I have here will always be there for me in good times and bad.

Alexis Dick, 2018

I am thankful for the faculty and staff at CCHS. All of my teachers are so welcoming to help me at any time of the day with any assignment. I am grateful that their doors are always opened to talk. I appreciate the dedication they put into not only my education, but also my development as a person. I am glad I attended CCHS because it has given me countless opportunities. I am appreciative that I have been able to  become part of organizations like the United Way Board through the school and to share their love for service. I love how we have service days to help improve the City of Wheeling. I would encourage prospective families to think about their faith. I would tell them to ask the question, “How much do you want your child to find out about him/herself in high school?” If you want your child to find himself through service, faith, and friendship, then CCHS is the right choice for you.

Gabe Bolon, 2020

I am thankful for all the faculty at Central that sacrifice their time to give us the best education and high school experience we can get. The teachers are willing to go that extra mile to make sure you understand concepts taught in class by working with you after school. I’m glad I attend CCHS because I have the opportunity to continue my Catholic faith in high school. It was important for me to be able to continue to learn about my faith in high school, and Central was the perfect place. The welcoming atmosphere at Central confirmed my choice to attend CCHS. When I shadowed everyone was really nice to me, and I immediately felt like I was a part of the Central community.