Ryan Costanzo, 2023

Central is faith, family, and community all in one where everyone knows one another and all are supportive. At Central, faith, academics, athletics, and relationships are all prioritized. I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Central for the last four years. Central allows students to grow spiritually, develop meaningful relationships with faculty and staff, and create lifelong memories with friends. I am fortunate to be a part of a community of a lifetime. After attending Central I proudly say “once a Knight, always a Knight”.

Elizabeth Romanek, 2023

My time at Central has been nothing short of remarkable…friendships, long-lasting memories, and a strong relationship with God. From the incredible staff to the impressive curriculum, Central has prepared me to move on with my academic career at the collegiate level with the school of my dreams. Each student receives a valuable education and is given the opportunity to perform their talents in the arts or out on the field. I am proud to say that being a Knight has made an impact on who I am today, and who I will become.

Rev. Nye “Joseph” Wiley

At Central, our young people receive formation that touches mind, body, and soul.   A Catholic High School education allows them to explore the deeper questions of life and to learn the Christian intellectual tradition that will strengthen them to face all of life’s challenges.   Not only can our kids pray at school, they also have the opportunity to develop their identities as sons and daughters of God.


Luke Minor, 2024

While being at Central, it is easy to notice that you are not alone. You are part of a family that is grounded in faith and morals. You make lifelong friends while being taught a strong curriculum. You are given opportunities that will help you succeed in the near and far future. When you are knocked down, you are helped back up. While you achieve your goals and make memories, you are built on faith.

Ramsay Mansuetto, 2024

I am proud to call myself a Maroon Knight. Central has given me many opportunities to grow in both faith and knowledge. The faculty and staff here form personal bonds with each and every student and push us above and beyond to be the best people possible. As a community, Central provides us with opportunities for faith formation on a daily basis. Additionally, In the classroom students are prepared for whatever life outside after high school may bring. The faculty and staff here at CCHS do everything in their power to give us the best possible education. Central truly is a family, I would not want to attend high school anywhere else!

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