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Faculty & Staff



Sancomb 143x179

Mrs. Rebecca Sancomb

SPetry 143x170

Mrs. Sarah Petry

Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Hennen 143x179

Ms. Mary Hennen

School Receptionist
Harris LeAnn 143x179

Mrs. LeAnn Harris

Finance Officer
IMG20230809100838 Taller 1 143x159

Mr. Thomas Olivier

Dean of Student Life
MBlake 143x179

Mrs. Marla Blake

Director of Guidance & College Placement
ERohrig 143x179

Mrs. Erika Rohrig

College Guidance Assistant
Espina 143x179

Mrs. Maggie Espina ’79

Advancement Coordinator
Magruder Rob 143x179

Mr. Rob Magruder ’89

Director of Enrollment and Retention
SStaskey 143x174

Mr. Seth Staskey

Athletic Director
Young 143x179

Mr. Mike Young ’67

Director of Alumni Relations and Special Programs / Football Head Coach
Yelenic 143x179

Mr. John Yelenic

Special Projects


JTankovits 150x188

Mr. John Tankovits

Health & Physical Education
Przybysz 150x188

Mr. Frank Przybysz

Computer Science / Renweb Administrator
JMorris 150x188

Mr. Jay Morris

Video Production & Digital Media
nopic 150x195

Mr. Aaron Bottegal

IT Technician
Knorr 150x188

Mrs. Elizabeth Knorr ’09

English / Department Chair
KCarpino 1 150x179

Mrs. Kaitlyn Carpino

Phillips Amy e1621520594429 150x188

Dr. Amy Phillips

Kahle 150x188

Mrs. Ann Kahle

Fine Arts / Department Chair
White 150x188

Mr. J. Matthew White

Fine Arts, Men's Golf Assistant Coach
Perdziola 150x188

Mr. Thomas Perdziola

Mathematics / Department Chair
Barack 150x188

Mrs. Julie Barack

francis 150x188

Ms. Caitlin Francis

Murray 150x188

Mr. Donnie Murray ’99

Mathematics / Bowling Head Coach
Pooley 150x188

Mr. Brian Pooley

Religion / Department Chair
Jones 150x188

Mr. Allen Jones ’89

riedel 150x188

Mrs. Kristy Riedel ’89

Beaver Wilma 150x188

Mrs. Wilma Beaver

Science / Department Chair
Contraguerro Kim 150x188

Mrs. Kim Contraguerro ’93

criniti 150x188

Mrs. Mary Beth Criniti

VOleary 150x188

Mr. Vincent O’Leary

Science & Engineering
Thorngate Michelle 150x188

Mrs. Michelle Thorngate

Science / Yearbook
Decker 150x188

Mr. Sean Decker ’97

Social Studies / Department Chair
CGarloch 150x188

Mrs. Courtney Droginske

Cross Country Head Coach, Social Studies / Cross Country & Track Head Coach, Track Head Coach
Marry 150x188

Mrs. Carla Marque Ratcliffe

Social Studies
Ray 150x188

Ms. Mary Beth Ray

World Languages / Department Chair
AHutchison 150x188

Mrs. Alicen Hutchison

World Languages
nopic 150x195

Mr. Julio Demasi



20230809 111334 resized 150x178

Mrs. Melissa Rohrig

Cafeteria Manager
nopic 150x195

Mrs. Karen Evick

Cafeteria Staff
Gordon 150x188

Mrs. Janet Gorden ’72

Cafeteria Staff
Meadows 150x188

Ms. Judy Meadows

Cafeteria Staff
Teufel Joellen Mrs 320 150x188

Mrs. Joellen Tuefel ’74

Cafeteria Staff
Sandy Tweedlie 150x188

Mrs. Sandie Tweedlie

Cafeteria Staff
nopic 150x195

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkinson

Cafeteria Staff
Lyons 150x188

Mr. Ian Lyons

Director of Maintenance
schoeppner 150x188

Mr. Carl Schoeppner ’87

Maintenance Staff
Coach Ed Cihy 150x188

Mr. Edward Cihy ’67

Athletics & Transportation Coordinator
nopic 150x195

Mr. Mark Danehart

Bus Driver
nopic 150x195

Mr. Terry Murphy

Bus Driver
Woofter 150x188

Cody Woofter

nopic 150x195

Mrs. Heather Rine ’93

Safe Environment
Marin Sara 150x188

Mrs. Sara Marin

Resource Program Coordinator
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