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Digital Media and Computer Science

The Digital Media and Computer Science Department offers courses that engage students in the fields of computer and human interaction, software applications, and video production. Central recognizes the importance of providing opportunities in emerging technologies and seeks to deliver opportunities for our students interested in a wide-range of technology fields of study.


Przybysz 150x188
Computer Science / Renweb Administrator
Warmuth Deb 150x150
STEM Coordinator, Department Chair

Course Catalog

zf 786x1024
a 786x1024
b 791x1024
c 792x1024
d 776x1024
e 781x1024
f 791x1024
g 791x1024
h 791x1024
i 791x1024
j 791x1024
k 791x1024
l 791x1024
m 791x1024
n 791x1024
o 791x1024
p 791x1024
q 791x1024
r 791x1024
s 791x1024
t 791x1024
u 791x1024
v 791x1024
w 792x1024
x 791x1024
y 791x1024
z 791x1024
za 791x1024
zb 791x1024
zc 791x1024
zd 791x1024
ze 791x1024

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