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Standardized Testing

As 95-100% of every CCHS graduating class matriculates to a four-year college or university, CCHS provides standardized test preparation for all students in grades 9 – 12.

Through the College Board Suite of PSAT assessments, students’ academic strengths and weaknesses are identified.  Further, personalized test preparation is available to them through a free resource from Kahn Academy.

The PSAT 8/9 is given to all Freshmen and the PSAT/NMSQT is given to all Sophomores and Juniors annually at CCHS during the school day.  The PSAT is a national test date set by College Board, historically a Wednesday in mid-October. Once PSAT scores are received by the school, the students are provided interpretations of their results.   Students should then go to to learn more about preparing for the SAT.    Further, when students go online and sign in to the full student report, their college board account can be linked to Khan Academy for personalized practice recommendations. Most students take the SAT for the first time in their junior year.

In addition to being a practice test for the SAT, when taken in the Junior year, the PSAT/NMSQT is used to determine eligibility and qualification for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Of the roughly 1.5 million high school juniors who take the test, about 50,000 students with the highest total PSAT/NMSQT scores qualify for recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program. About 34,000 of those students become Commended Scholars. The roughly 16,000 students with the highest PSAT scores in the country (partly based on which state you live in) become National Merit Semi-Finalists and most of them (about 15,000) move on to become National Merit Finalists.

Over $180 million in scholarship money is awarded annually to students who get high scores on the PSAT. About half of the National Merit Finalists receive a $2,500 National Merit Scholarship, renewable for up to four years. Many corporations offer scholarship money as well. In addition, many colleges offer scholarships to National Merit Commended Scholars, Semi-Finalists, and Finalists. For more information visit the National Merit Scholarship Program 

In addition to the PSAT students are asked to commit to an ACT/SAT testing timeline beginning in the late fall/early winter of their Junior year.  Colleges and universities accept both the ACT and SAT. Students are encouraged to take both and then decide which is the better test for them, and then proceeding with retakes of that test.

When registering for the ACT or SAT, students must first create an account and then register online.  Please be sure to register on time and avoid late registration fees. Also, when registering be sure to provide the CCHS school code 491-400, which will ensure your scores are sent to CCHS.


ACT customer service Phone #: 319-337-1270

ACT Online Registration

ACT Test Dates

CCHS serves as a test center for the ACT for the following national test date months:

  • September
  • October
  • December
  • April
  • June.
  • CCHS does not offer the February or July tests.

To register to take the ACT at CCHS, enter the following CCHS Test Center Code – 217800

Do not confuse this code with the CCHS School Code (which ensures your score will be sent to CCHS)


College Board Customer Service #: 609-771-7600

SAT Online Registration

SAT Test Dates

CCHS is not a test center for the SAT so students must find another local testing center.

Advanced Placement Exams

CCHS requires all students, enrolled in AP courses, to sit for the College Board Advanced Placement Exams.  CCHS will notify the students of the exam registration process as well as the cost, date, time and location of the exams.  

AP Exam Testing Schedule

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