Summer Knights Program

Summer Knights Enrichment Program

Nathan Blair, 2018

Nathan Blair, 2018

At CCHS, the smaller classroom sizes have many benefits. In your four years here, you form real relationships with all of your teachers and get to know all of your classmates. Nobody falls by the wayside, and everyone has an opportunity to blossom somewhere. At Central, I found my niche and ended up qualifying for the state swimming meet, I starred in several theatrical performances, and excelled academically.

Central boasts rigorous academics. Due to the smaller class sizes, many classes are discussion-oriented, especially in the upper levels. This not only enhances students’ knowledge of subjects, but also fosters critical thinking skills instrumental in everyday life. s a Catholic school, CCHS also molds students into good, moral citizens by promoting community service and religious development. We also have an extremely strong athletic history, and plenty of avenues for every student’s interests. At Central, there’s something for everyone.