Summer Knights Program

Summer Knights Enrichment Program

Rachel Drnach, 2018

Rachel Drnach, 2018

Wheeling Central faculty, staff, and students care about success, in my opinion, more than anywhere else. They all do their best to help us to do our best. Teachers are always staying after school to answer questions because they care more about the knowledge of the material and the well being of the student than just the job.

The rigorous courses offered at CCHS confirmed my choice to attend the school. The opportunity to take Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes prepared me for the next step in my life. These courses allowed me to take the initiative and begin to prepare for the rigor of college courses while remaining in my high school setting.

Attending Central Catholic High School is one of the best decisions for you or your child to make. Central allows students to embrace their passions through the many opportunities they provide. Whether it is a club, sport, service project, music, art, or religious involvement, Central does everything in its power to provide for the need of the students. Central is a family that comes together in this effort. We cheer on teams, participate in mass, or serve our community in school wide service projects. Central Catholic is a choice that will provide you with the opportunity to learn important values in and outside of the classroom.